Riding Colors is a project with the sole purpose of reaching out to underprivileged communities to help those in need through art. This initiative was born in 2014 when the artist Adrián Torres traveled to South Asia (India); specifically to the Vicente Ferrer Foundation.

“When I arrived, they were not sure what to do with me because no artist had ever gone there to contribute and collaborate via the arts. We discarded the idea of teaching (the children) painting lessons due to time constraints; so we decided to create a mural on the façade of the Shop of the Vicente Ferrer Foundation to give it a bit of visibility. Once it was finished, they took me to visit a care center for children with cerebral palsy. That visit shook me to the core, and since that very moment, I felt and knew that I wanted to do something there. It was an epiphany of sorts because for the first time ever, it occurred to me that my art could somehow help children. I longed to improve their surroundings and make them more agreeable…needless to say inspiring through the power of color and paint while expressing all sorts of feelings. Color is a key element in my painting process, and my knowledge of it turned out to be quite handy when it came to the point of transforming the energy of the place.”

Encouraged by his experience in India, Adrián decided to continue that adventure, expanding it to different countries with new projects and focusing mainly on orphanages and schools, where the artist would create murals both solo as well as with the kids’ collaboration. At times they painted together and even organized art exhibits.

Via his murals, Adrián wanted to create a better surrounding for children in orphanages and schools, but the project grew with this trip–as did his awareness. Each new venture would spark ideas and a vision according to the uniqueness of the space, the community and the needs of the organization or foundation; all the while learning a great deal from each experience.