´´…It’s only been a matter of days since a dozen elephants appeared on a wall on the eastmost edge of Deep Ellum, and already that Adrian Torres mural across from Sons of Hermann Hall is getting some company.

Next up for the 42 Murals project, which will — you guessed it! — bring 42 new murals to the neighborhood, is a work from Dallas painter Lesli Marshall, which is currently in-progress at Pecan Lodge.

Before that one’s complete, we’d also like to point you in the direction of an emotionally intensive behind-the-scenes look at Torres’ mural. In a clip called #DEEPELLUMPHANT, viewers are connected further into Torres’ background and his Spanish upbringing. Produced by Two Cans & A String, the minute, 40-second clip introduces Torres and the blend of colors he used in the process followed by the variety of scaffolding and the recollection of creating the work in mid-summer, doused in a pallet of sweat and paint. In between, there are moments in the video where people can be seen visibly enjoying the work, only fueling the fire in which Torres finds warmth and passion to create such a large work in such short time…´´

Evan Henry – www.centraltrack.com – 4 Agosto 2015